Odd One Out Round

Four pictures, one odd one out. No conferring. Three of these pictures show a defiant London bearing up under the pressure of an unprecedented bombing campaign by Hitler’s Luftwaffe during the Second World War. Picture 3 however, shows ‘Carpetright’. Burning last night after having been looted and torched by rioters. In violence apparently sparked by […]

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For those who watch ‘The Apprentice’.

I’ve started watching ‘The Apprentice’. It’s fantastic because you get to see idiots get fired. Unfortunately there’s also a high probability you’ll see an idiot get employed. There’s been two episodes so far, and two people have been fired. Don’t read on if you haven’t got around to watching it on iPlayer yet and don’t […]

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I’ve written a song about Hitler.

I feel like I should be more hesitant in writing this. It strikes me that the very first mention of music on this blog shouldn’t be a song about Hitler. It also strikes me that a tender love ballad about a loved one, or perhaps a light hearted whimsical piece about comically rude sounding place […]

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Fruit contemplation.

I’ve become interested in fruit. I’ve never really known a lot about fruit, I don”t really like fruits and vegetables. I thought this might be a good way for me to learn about fruit. Unfortunately, I can not be bothered to look up fruit on Wikipedia, so I’m going to be using my own knowledge […]

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Sheep don’t exist.

I owe an apology, I have been caught up in research. After revealing all there is to be cared for about horses… I was given an exclusive hint by a teacher friend revealing an ancient conspiracy of Dan Brown proportions…. First of all, let us remember that famous quote from the ‘Gospel of Matthew’, 7:15… […]

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Horses: What are they for?

Recently it’s occured to me that I simply don’t post enough educational content. So, I bring you the first of a very special series of posts, about animals. Animals are the things that look like really weird looking humans that have forgotten to walk on their hind legs. These are not to be confused with […]

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The question is, can you afford not to?

According the BBC News website, it is now financially advantageous to go out with me. I do think they could have picked a better single person to analyse though. He looks like a secret serial killer. They could have picked me for example….. The cost of life as a single man – Tim Timmington, 21, lives […]

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I’m here! I’ve not died! (As of 04/10/10 anyway.)

I’ve been highly distracted lately. This is that first bit featured in about 48 per cent of my blogs, in which I explain why I haven’t blogged in a long time. Noel Edmunds! I see it’s almost been an entire month! That’s long enough for people to start dredging local lakes. Of course no one did, […]

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King’s Lynn: Wet, now dry. A historical account.

It struck me earlier, that very few people actually know the true history of King’s Lynn. This is perhaps partly due to the fact that few people want to know the true history of King’s Lynn, and partly because of the fabrications by those historians ‘protecting the interests of tourism’. Many would have you believe […]

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Eating a Kit Kat: It’s like performing an autopsy on a dwarf.

Two finger Kit Kats are the most depressing biscuit in the world. Every time I see one in the morning, I think “Oooh, Kit Kat! That’ll do for later! Perfect!”. Except it won’t do for later, because whereas now it is a impressively angular and well shaped shiny stately looking bar (wearing an official looking […]

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