On the day before the eve of Christmas Eve…

Yet again, I have done nothing blog worthy. This week I managed to: – order two new suits – go to the pub – write and send one christmas card That is all. Tomorrow I have to pop into town for an early appointment at the lack of jobs centre, and then attempt to buy […]

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Too dazed and confused to think of an adequate title.

I haven’t updated this in over a week. I think I’ve been too busy. I say I think, because I really don’t remember monday to wednesday. Maybe I went to the pub or something? Thursday and Friday I had college then pub. Saturday I watched the snooker and ate After-Eight mints. (And managed to break […]

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My dull week… in pictures! Honestly this time. I actually remembered to take some.

I haven’t been home to update this recently. Spent two days dividing my time equally between the College and the Lattice House. I think I shall let these pictures tell the story: I couldn’t really resist as I walked by. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, it’s related to an earlier post. I appreciate […]

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A reliable source tells me it’s December.

CHRISTMAS SOON 😀 Which means my aim of being happily employed and in a relationship by christmas looks to be unachievable. I haven’t done any christmas shopping and have such a dislike of crowded shops I’ve been known to be forced into retreat before actually completing purchases. Plus I don’t have much money because I’m […]

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