The Great Historical Bridge Competition

Construct a model of the famous Iron Bridge (as in the picture below) That, more or less, was my 13 year old sister’s history homework. So in the spirit of making bridges out of the latest and greatest of modern materials, her and her friend cast aside all forms of sense, and any appreciation of […]

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Don’t read this. It’s boring. It’s a boring boring week. And I’m bored.

I was too tired to go to the pub today. Which is a shame. And quite pathetic, because my only reason for being exhausted is that I had my first day of work yesterday. Which being a Sunday, wasn’t even a full day. I’m beginning to suspect I’m not as fit as I once could […]

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A historical account of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, circa 1520

The Aztecs, or “Mexica” most famous leader could probably be said to be Moctezuma II. Born in 1467 to become the leader of an empire, he died in 1520, a prisoner of Spain. It may be argued that these events, some 500 years ago, would have little or no bearing on the events of say.. […]

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Timmington’s 2010

It was an interesting year. Full of highs and lows. Love affairs, visits to exotic locations, new jobs and promotions… these are just some of the things that did not happen to me last year. Or the year before. But I’m hopeful for this year. Right now I should be on my way to a […]

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