Tim refers to himself in the third person when he is tired.

Tim says Hello. I am tired. I don’t ramble on here much anymore, I’m always either tired, at work, or in the pub. Right now, I’m sitting in bed feeling almost sorry for myself. Not actually sorry for myself though, more dazed and confused. I think my mind needs a holiday. That is, a peaceful, […]

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Vrooomy Vrooomy Racingtons

It’s FORMULA ONE TIME 😀 I love Formula One, not sure why. I just find it amazing that you can have over 15 cars, with over 80,000 parts each, and end up with them doing a 5 mile lap within a couple of seconds of each other. They manage that, and I can’t turn up […]

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Mars Bars

Yesterday, I took ownership of a Mars Bar. Last night, I dreamt I had two Mars Bars. This morning I have no Mars Bars. I did not eat the Mars Bar. Where is the Mars Bar? Why, at the moment in time, does nothing else in the world appear sadder than losing a Mars Bar?

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I apologise for my lack of posting, but as my grandmother once said (via MSN of course) “If you ain’t got nuffin good to post, post nutting at’ll”. I.e., I’ve been at work for a month without any money, and I didn’t think anyone would want to read that I was sulking because I couldn’t […]

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