Sherlock: A triumph of TV modernisation!

That’s if  “triumph of TV modernisation” can be translated as “pitiful, wasted opportunity to bring a literary classic to a new audience”. I can’t help but think their brief was as follows: “We need a new series. Like ‘Doctor Who’ but not called ‘Doctor Who’. It needs to be stylish and gimmicky… again like ‘Doctor Who’… but […]

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Jeremy Kyle is brilliantly awful. Also, I am greedy and lazy.

I’ve been watching “Jeremy Kyle”. I don’t think there’s anything more uplifting in the world. I think Jeremy Kyle should be prescribed to cancer sufferers around the world, it’ll either cheer them up…  on the basis that it’s  one hundred times better to be an intelligent person with cancer than a healthy idiot, or possibly […]

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The Fish And The Sniper

As promised long ago, I have started work on my book, entitled “The Fish and The Sniper”, this is my first draft of the beginning, setting the scene for a story of epic dis-proportions. Feedback very much unwelcome. I’m in my own world and I’m happy here. It’s somewhat relaxing. In a scary, psychadelic, OH-MY-GOD-I’VE-LOST-IT […]

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Two of them to be exact. How can I prove this? I can’t, but I did set them up websites, so it’s clear that they probably exist. I can tell you at least that they definitely aren’t mannequins stolen from Millets wearing wigs and soiled charity shop clothing*. First up, because the alphabet insists, is […]

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