Don’t read this. It’s boring. It’s a boring boring week. And I’m bored.

I was too tired to go to the pub today.millets-logo
Which is a shame.

And quite pathetic, because my only reason for being exhausted is that I had my first day of work yesterday. Which being a Sunday, wasn’t even a full day.

I’m beginning to suspect I’m not as fit as I once could claim to be.

In any case, I’m there tomorrow at 8, which is the earliest I’ve ever gone to work. A new record for Tim. Amazing.

In other news, I’d kill for people to talk to on MSN because I’m the most bored I’ve been since…literally the last time I said I was bored in a blog.
Which was probably the last time I wrote a blog.

I don’t actually like the word blog.
It sounds like bog.
I’d rather say “last time I wrote an entry”, but everytime I used the word I would fear I might become prone to accidental innuendo or other word based peril.
Nerd news: Just realised I could plug my external hard drive into my xbox and watch the vast amounts of British comedy programmes on there. With surround sound where available. Not quite a substitute for a rewarding hobby or a loving relationship, but it keeps my eyes busy whilst I’m awake.

Right, I’m going to go and keep reminding myself I’ve got to go to work tomorrow, go to the job centre, then rush back to get my brother to take him for an appointment in town.

I foresee a boring yet stressful Tuesday.

P.S. Just realised, haven’t actually mentioned on here that I got a job before did I? I started Sunday. At Milléts. The high street camping and outdoors shop.

P.P.S. In case you’re wondering about the accented é, it’s because I think they should rebrand themselves as being French and upmarket.

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