My ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ rant.

Why is it that this game got almost exclusively 9/10 reviews?
Why is there no criticism anywhere?14027359_5425707_call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-xbox-360

I’m not saying it’s not a good game, I’m just saying why isn’t it better?

Is no one else bored of the scripted, linear campaign modes in every Call Of Duty game since the series started just over SIX YEARS AGO?

I don’t think that games should have to be like movies, the same everytime you put the disc in, why can’t you have different paths to the same objective, or different objectives for the same goal?

In fact, I think they missed a golden opportunity in the storyline for MW2.. there is a mission where you are undercover with a terrorist group and have to take part in a massacre of civilians. You have to go along with this (or skip the mission entirely, but that doesn’t affect the story in any way). Why not have a fork here? So you could go along with it and deal with the horrible emotional trauma, or kill the terrorists and prevent the massacre, but risking the overall mission. As it is, it pretty much just provides a bonus mission for the sick, twisted, and sadistic. (If you haven’t played the mission, to see what I mean, watch this video)

Even just a choice of different missions would be an improvement, so if you get stuck on one, you can do another first and come back to it.

Or more features, like being able to select what weapons you want to start a mission with.

Special Ops is a step in the right direction. The thing that struck me though, was why give me a few guns on a tarp at the beginning? Why not just let me pick from ANY of the weapons in some sort of selection screen? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before in games. I’m pretty sure I can do it in Rainbow Six: Vegas. In fact, you can do it in the multiplayer side of COD.

I actually spent six hours playing through the special ops yesterday on veteran, and it was fun.

Much much more fun than playing the campaign on veteran.

It occured to me, that the campaign on veteran often boils down to doing the same thing repeatedly, in pretty much the same way, and trying to remember where the guy who killed you last time was (He’ll probably be in the same place, doing the same thing. It’s easier to program like that.).

Whereas, in special ops, because we didn’t have to do the same thing each time, and many of the maps are more open, we were using strategy and team work to beat the missions! Which was fun and not frustrating and repetitive.

Bigger maps, with choices of objectives (or at least, a choice of order of objectives) and a team mate who actually helps makes it infinitely more fun.

You don’t need a human team mate even, just look at Conflict Desert Storm, or the Rainbow Six series.
Mix those games with Call Of Duty and you have a winner.

(Oh, and improve the way people act when they’re shot as well. Make it more like you’ve just killed a man, and less like you’ve just flame thrower’ed a patch of nettles. Shouts of pain, better blood effects, icky injuries, all of these should be there. I noticed it somewhat in the level killing civilians, but it should be throughout. I worry that it’s bad for peoples minds to let them forget that they’re playing a simlation of killing other humans.)

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