I apologise for my lack of posting, but as my grandmother once said (via MSN of course) “If you ain’t got nuffin good to post, post nutting at’ll”.

I.e., I’ve been at work for a month without any money, and I didn’t think anyone would want to read that I was sulking because I couldn’t afford a pint.

Anyway, two things tonight:

1, In King’s Lynn town centre, I was walking slightly behind a group of slightly loud youths, and  in the distance I could see more youths appear to be fighting.. and young girlish wails.. one of the youths said to another:  “If that’s a group of guys attacking that girl I’m going to go mental, bugger another assualt charge, it’s worth it”.
I then felt better about the world. Police should have that mentality.
(I should point out, at the same time, I was also planning some form of Ninja action, I just realised it was merely kids fooling about quicker)

2, I required the use of certain facilities as I got off the bus tonight, and so I popped into the local pub, and went to buy a pint (I always feel it’s wrong to use an establishments facilities without purchasing a beverage as remuneration.) and the bar man said “Do you have any I.D. please mate?”
I look young!
If it had been an attracive young lady then I would be doubly pleased.

Still, I had forgotten my wallet, so I didn’t get to sample a delicious pint of London’s Pride. Shame.

I’m exhausted and achey, so good night all x

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