Today is the day after the day that there was drink

…and I am very hungover.



I have countless things to do.
Either countless or six.
But still that’s more than none.
And none is the amount I’m actually likely to accomplish.

My mum has just come into the kitchen, and she’s complaining to me that every time she plays her LCD hang man game, it comes up with the word “vagina”.

It’s kinda thrown me.
Not quite sure what I was going to say now.

On a side note, this post marks the first time a word not usuable in front of the Queen has been used in this pub blog. (Edit: I accidently put pub, not blog. Mind slip.)
Sorry your highness! I’m sure you’ll enjoy later posts. Vagina free.

On a side note, that marks the second time the word in question was used, and also the last time, hopefully.

I should probably throw in penis for balance. I think I might still be a little drunk. I shall stop writing now before I disgust myself any further. Penis.

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