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I love Formula One, not sure why. I just find it amazing that you can have over 15 cars, with over 80,000 parts each, and end up with them doing a 5 mile lap within a couple of seconds of each other.

They manage that, and I can’t turn up to a party within half an hour of any of the other guests.

Bahrain qualifying starts in just a few minutes, and I shall make some wildly innacurate and poorly deducted predictions on the season ahead.

This season is going to be all about team mates,  Michael Shumacher and Nico Rosberg at Mercedes, Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton at McLaren, and Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa at Ferrari.

The first driver from any of those to dominate his team mate, will have the best chance of winning the title. I haven’t listed Red Bull’s drivers there, because I don’t believe they’ll have quite the pace early on to be right there at the top. If they have, then I think Sebastian Vettel will outclass Mark Webber and the other teams may find that they’ll be fighting for the constructors trophy only.

Still, for Bahrain.. I think Alonso for pole. Race win as well.
(I hope to god I’m wrong)

Hamilton will beat Button in qualifying, but they’ll be more evenly matched in the race.

McLaren will win the constructors trophy in a fight with Ferrari.

I don’t know about the championship. I’d love it to be Lewis Hamilton, but I think it all depends how much of a fight Massa puts to Alonso.. if Massa is up to it then Alonso won’t be able to start a runaway lead. Saying that, I don’t think Massa is up to it. Maybe at first, but once Alonso is settled in there will be no touching him.

Best of the new teams? I can only say.. Who cares?

(Rough post I know, but it’s actually started now so I have to go.. I can always change it later to make it look like my predictions were spot on.)

EDIT: Less than five minutes in, and I want the BBC to sack Jonathon Legard. He annoys me *SO VERY MUCH*. He says everyone is ‘ON A CHARGE’. All the time. ARGH.

Oh and Chandok, is doing really rather well considering he hasn’t had any practice. Ku’dos to him.

Though he does remind me a bit of an Indian Mr. Bean:

He just looks like Rowan Atkinson to me. In a nice way.

EDIT 2: First qualifying session over. Best performance for me was Chandhok, yes he was last, but for the amount of laps he did, he was fast. Worst performance was Heikki Kovaleinen and Lotus, may as well have been last for the experience he has.

EDIT 3: Well I was wrong. Red Bull have pace, Vettel is on pole.  Hamilton managed a good 4th, but McLaren look like they need something new to get them in a race winning position. Though, we don’t know tyre wear or reliability yet. No less excited for the race tomorrow. Oh, and yes Michael Schumacher was dissapointing, but expectations couldn’t have been higher, so that’s not his fault. Just needs some time to get comfortable again.

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