Jonathan Creek – “The Judas Tree”

I just watched the Easter special “The Judas Tree”, disappointing to be honest 🙁

Creek & blonde assistant whose name I forgot and can't be bothered to google for.

Creek & blonde assistant - whose name I forgot and can't be bothered to Google for.

It’s so far fetched, and awkward!

WARNING: Spoilers below!

Why didn’t the sink full of bloodied water give the police concern? Seeing as the girl wouldn’t have had an opportunity to get blood on her hands, as the victim only started bleeding when she hit the railings.

Why didn’t it ring alarm bells that the writer hired someone by walking into a cafe (or shop or whatever it was) and offering them a job?

Why go to any of the bother that they did? Also, wouldn’t Jonathan’s theory about a prop house and a dead nightwatchmen be fairly easily confirmable? The late 80’s are fairly well documented (understatement really!). Oh, and a prop house falling over in high winds is not a product of logical deduction, it’s a wild stab in the dark.

What would have made slightly more sense to me, would have been if the nightwatchmen had been the writers father say, or older brother.. and he blamed the girls for leaving him to day.. it’d take a bit of tweaking but you could then link it all together without introducing new characters and dodgy flashbacks.

The light bulb that’s doctored, and the special whistle.. well there are much easier ways to make a light bulb explode.

I also don’t like the idea of Jonathan letting a murderer go free. I think even Sherlock Holmes would struggle with this one, and he let criminals go free on a number of occasions.

I’ve rambled far too much on this, but I’m not at work today and have nothing better to do. *sigh*

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  • debbie hill Says:

    i found it bad too!!
    Jonathan Creek is one my favourite programme but this was most disasppointing.
    The pocket watch bit…and the woman hanging on the gate…bad bad bad.

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