Sherlock: A triumph of TV modernisation!

That’s if  “triumph of TV modernisation” can be translated as “pitiful, wasted opportunity to bring a literary classic to a new audience”.

"I'm Benedict Actorface, my name sounds made up, and it is, partly by me - so I stand out, and partly by Tim - because my surname is too ridiculous for him to remember. I make Sherlock seem bizarrely plain, unlikeable and uninteresting. Like a dead, plastic version of Derren Brown."

I can’t help but think their brief was as follows:

“We need a new series. Like ‘Doctor Who’ but not called ‘Doctor Who’. It needs to be stylish and gimmicky… again like ‘Doctor Who’… but based around something else people already like, so it’s not at all risky.

Oh, like ‘Doctor Who’ it also needs to appeal to adults and youngsters alike. So grim storylines with lashings of humor. Not actual humor, then it won’t be taken seriously. Just lines that sound out of place.

Just in case that doesn’t work, cast a comedy actor as Dr. Watson. Lenny Henry maybe, no wait… we’ll brainstorm on that later.”

I can’t help but think it could have been fantastic.
As it is, it looks like a College media project (I mean no disrespect to College media students, but the BBC have much larger budgets).

"I'm Martin Freeman aka Dr Watson. My presence will probably make you wonder how brilliant it could have been had Ricky Gervais played Sherlock Holmes. No one actually told me if this was a comedy or a drama, and reading the script just made me feel depressed."

I would love to get hold of the script and re-work it. Eventually re-casting and re-filming it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think that highly of myself that I believe writing a successful BBC drama is merely an afternoons work, but I truly believe an updated Sherlock Holmes could be a tremendous success, and that I’d truly struggle to do worse…

The casting seems entirely wrong to me. None of the actors seem to really click into their roles. The story is inexcusably predictable (if you watch it, it is exactly who springs to mind when you first hear them mention ‘airport’), and the direction has all the tackiest shots from Doctor Who, and then some. I can’t describe it, it has to be seen to be disbelieved.

I could rant for hours why it’s so awful, but I’m sure you realise you can just trust me, as the Sherlock Holmes stories are literally the only works of fiction I read, and I did watch the programme all the way through. You could too, it’s on iPlayer, but I could never recommend it.

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One Response to “Sherlock: A triumph of TV modernisation!”

  • Kirsty Says:

    I disagree a little bit. The first episode had potential, the relationship between the two main characters was nice. It was very doctor who-esque but that benedict guy is much hotter than the goy who plays doctor who and because he is a grown up man he carries off the abrupt, sardonic personality very sexily 😀

    Ooooh I loved the arch-enemy thing ever so much.
    The 2nd episode was just a boring, dodgy crime show though.

    In summary, speaking as someone who hasn’t read much sherlock holmes (none in fact that I can remember) this version could be good if the next series carries on being like the 1st episode and Sherlock continues to be distant and sexy 😀

    I expect my judging a programme on the hotness of the actors will not go down well with you Tim, I assure you this happens rarely with me.

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