I’m a gangster, and I shop in TK Maxx.

Dreamt again last night.

First I was a christmas shopping in TK Maxx and looking at Family Guy DVDs, not very remarkable. Except I had a very large cigar in my pocket, which I was itching to smoke.


But after that, I was outside the Globe Hotel, only it was like the film “The Godfather” and everyone around me were gangsters in suits. For some reason I was angry at some of them and threatened them, and they were apologetic and meekly backed away, and I realised I was quite high up in the “Mafia”.

Then another gangster invites me into the Globe, only the inside is huge with many little rooms, there’s a casino and a grand staircase leading to a brothel upstairs. I didn’t go up there.

Then I end up seeing someone else I know I dislike, pushing him up against the wall and saying “You get out of here you scumbag. I’m going to be running this town soon, and you better gain some respect or go away and never come back”.

Then I’m told the boss wanted to see me, and he’s upstairs, so up I go and knock on his door. He tells me to come in, but I’m very aware there’s a woman in there with him, so instead I say “It’s ok, I can hear you out here”. I can’t remember what he then says to me, but I’m sure it was good because I then walk down to the casino, rub my hands together and think about my big Mafia related plans.

Anyone care to hazard what’s going on in my mind?
Am I a closet brothel/casino manager?
Do I have a Godfather complex?
Should I go christmas shopping in TK maxx?

So many questions, so few answers.

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2 Responses to “I’m a gangster, and I shop in TK Maxx.”

  • Leasky Says:

    Tim, i cant help but feel that theres something not quite right with you. Its like that time you stopped drinking for a while and your head went mental. Or when you became addicted to lucozade. Bt still, this is awesome.

  • Michael Jordan Says:

    I think he has been either playing to much godfather games or mafia wars on facebook either way keep it up with the post’s tim.

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