Alright, own up, who gave the village idiot a blog?

I, as anyone reading this will probably know, am Tim. I ramble and paint and loiter and saunter. Right now I’m rambling. You may ask why.


Because I’ve just almost half semi-completed the process of starting a new blog! I will definitely definitely keep this one updated regularly. Not like the twelve that went before it. Thirteen is definitely my lucky number. Also an attractive bi-sexual in House MD.

I’ve somewhat lost my train of thought, and have only to say that I will be rambling on here semi-often, and if you would be kind (and gullible) enough to feast on my words with your literature devouring eyes on the same semi-regular basis that I deploy them to internet, then I will be eternally grateful.

You could even comment. If you’re logged into facebook it’ll log you in automatically. If it doesn’t then tell me and I’ll sob for you on webcam, as it took me all morning to work out how to set that up and I was pretty darn happy with it when I’d done.

I haven’t actually finished the design yet, or anything really, but I may as well do it up as I go along.

Who wants to bet this is the only post I ever write?

P.S. If you comment this post it’ll spur me on to post more in the near future 🙂
P.P.S. By that I mean I’d like you to leave comments.
P.P.P.S. (Please)
P.P.P.P.S. I don’t even really know what all these Ps stand for.

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