Moody Wine Drinking

I am sitting in bed, with wine, and a netbook, watching Time Team.
A Time Team in which they’re digging up part of London to find homes that were bombed in WW2.

Surprisingly, they haven’t found anything interesting, because the homes were bombed in WW2. I’m actually quite amazed that they haven’t yet printed out a blotchy “geophysics” survey, and claim to have found an early Roman villa, which invariably turns out to be some real rocks and a misinterpreted smudge.

I shouldn’t be critical of Time Team.
I’m just angry because it’s Friday and I have nothing else to do except criticise.

They’ve now dug up a dead cat, and one of the local women have told the “archaeologists”  its name and who it belonged to.
I don’t think they should allow that.
It’s cheating.

Now it’s finished.
They ended on the dead cat find.

Not to be rude, but how many gardens DON’T have a dead cat in?

I actually like Time Team, quite enjoyed the episode.
I’m really just am angry that I now have to find something else to semi-watch.

Oh great, Russell Howard is on.
Am I the only person to find him an annoying, over the top, unfunny git?
Don’t answer that.
I probably am.
And I’ve probably now made everyone shun me as a bitter weirdo outsider with my controversial anti-Russell opinions.
I may as well have told you all I’m a gay communist McFly fan.

I apologise for my negative ramblings.
Blame Australian wines.
I shall go and watch something with smiles and innuendo in.

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2 Responses to “Moody Wine Drinking”

  • Kayleigh Says:

    Doesn’t Time Team always find a Roman Villa?! It’s amazing!!

    I also actually quite like reading your blog. 😛

  • Michael Jordan Says:

    yer time team does allways find something roman when they do somem digging. also you should of put the title as “Moody Australian Wine Drinking” would off pissed some aussie/s off lol. keep up the good work tim.

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