Half five in the morning, and I’m sitting in bed watching Gavin & Stacey and eating ready salted crisps.

A sandwich toaster. Possibly Breville.

A sandwich toaster. Possibly Breville.

You’d think perhaps I was a about to describe myself a pathetic excuse for an individual, who’s comfort eating out of a drink induced depression, on a cold and dull morning, with only the promise of over indulging in chicken madras and copious amounts of Ribena later to tide me through. Trudging through one dull, dank and depressing day at a time, a pointless and inconsequential existence.

Actually though, that wouldn’t be very accurate.
I’m rather bouyant.
Considering the river I’m navigating has more shopping trolleys than water, that’s quite an achievement.
Even though I can’t really manage much in the way of swimming, I’m bouncing along with the flow comfortably.

I should mention, I’m not actually in a river. I’m just using it to fuddle a point.
I had a good Monday. I saw friends, made new friends, and discovered you actually can wear a black shirt without looking bereaved.
And I have hopes for Tuesday too.
Which would be today.
Or more accurately, is today.
I’m going to go into town in four hours, get a pointless CV workshop out of the way and then shop.

I’m thinking maybe a new shirt or two, maybe even a tie if I’m feeling wild.
And of course whatever cash converters has to offer me.

My mood is somewhat helped by waking up and finding I have recieved nice text messages. I am a refridgerator face, and I was happy to be told that. So thank you.

Which does bring me onto my thought for this morning, what are the sexiest kitchen appliances?
Can kitchen appliances be considered sexy? Is it worth me popping into Westgate tomorrow and having a quick look around? And why do I ask questions towards the end of blogs?

My answers:  Sandwich toasters, yes, probably not, and because I can.

If you’ve read this and are now thinking that I’m some sort of electrical pervert, then you’ve got me amost all wrong. I am not currently attracted to any sort of electrical goods, and have never attempted anything that was specifically advised against in the products instruction booklet. I can not and will not be held responsible for inadequate documentation.

Also, I am aware fuddle isn’t a word. I just liked it.

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4 Responses to “Half five in the morning, and I’m sitting in bed watching Gavin & Stacey and eating ready salted crisps.”

  • Michael Jordan Says:

    I must say, i use to do that at 3 in the morning and go and get a packet off crisps but then again i had to do the night times feeds lol. but i still dnt what ur excuss is. im thinking maybe u really wanted a curry. im still undecide on if you are a electrical pervert……….. No i dont think you are lol.
    keep them coming tim
    dont forget you have to blog about thursday and friday lol.

  • HOGG MAN Says:

    soda stream

  • Bex Says:

    WTF is a soda stream?

  • Tim Timmington Says:

    It’s a worktop kitchen gadget which allows you to make your own fizzy drinks by adding water to flavoured concentrate and then carbonating with an in built gas bottle.

    I don’t know if they still make them.
    The only good thing about them was that you could make drinks which were basically just sugar.

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