My amazing week… in pictures.

Two things I’d like to get out in the open before I start here;

1, I didn’t quite mean amazing. More “lame”.
2, I lied about the pictures.

I’ve been to TNG, the College, the Jobcentre. I’ve had a week of meetings with advisors, and done courses and sat for presentations, and I can honestly say that I have learnt nothing.

Except possibly that compared to alot of tutors, I am actually a genius.

Still, I got quite a bit of pub practice in. Treated myself to a laptop bag. Really can’t think of a single thing more to add there. A week of tiring nothing culminating in this pointless lack of anything to say.

I’m hoping for interesting stuff to happen tomorrow. Or at least SOMETHING.
Hugs and pints would be nice.
Unlikely though, unless I can phone some sort of takeaway and have both delivered.

I’m off to sleep before I die from a complete lack of thought.

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