I’ve written a song about Hitler.

I feel like I should be more hesitant in writing this.

It strikes me that the very first mention of music on this blog shouldn’t be a song about Hitler.

A little known fact about Hitler is that he was obsessed with the hobby of falconry. Here you see him only seconds after a mischievous owl flew off with his favourite bird handling glove. Level headed as ever, Hitler later stood the Luftwaffe down after only four days of anti-owl fighter patrols above Berlin.

It also strikes me that a tender love ballad about a loved one, or perhaps a light hearted whimsical piece about comically rude sounding place names might have been better ideas for my first attempt at writing lyrics, but no, instead….

I’ve written a song about Hitler.

I must point out at this stage, that this is a tangent from some homework my little sister brought home from school. I believe they were supposed to make a piece of musical propaganda highlighting the claims and promises made to the German people during Hitler’s rise to power in 1932.

I’ve jumped on this idea*, and re-written the classic 70s song “Lola” by The Kinks, to feature Hitler as its protagonist. The idea being it’s from the perspective of someone who fought alongside him during the Great War, who has been brain washed by his claims for Germany’s future.

I must point out that I do not support Hitler. I have no urge to replace Josef Goebbels as his minister of propaganda, and I certainly do not agree with his politics or facial hair. I’m very much anti-Hitler, anti-Nazis, and in fact entirely anti-facism generally.

So, as long as we’re clear that I’m making fun of Hitler (whilst also desecrating one of my favourite songs) , here it is:

(to the tune of “Lola”, by The Kinks)

I met him in a trench back in World War One
When we fought for the kaiser
and it felt just like life was o-ver
O-V-E-R, over
He led us the way as we fought into France
I asked him his name and in a dark brown
voice he said Hitler
Huh-i-tuh-e’ler, HITLER. Huh Huh Ha Hitler

Well I’m not most patriotic of guys
But when he spoke me his mind I really felt so inspired
By our Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler
Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
how he spoke like a leader
but marched like a man
Oh my Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler

Well we drank peach Schnaaps and
debated all night,
about the German people’s plight
He picked me up about my family tree,
And said dear boy you know what their fate may be!

Well I’m not the world’s most political guy
but when I looked in his eyes well
I knew I’d vote for my Hitler
Huh Huh Ha Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler
Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler

and that’s all that I really wanted to say
that we will do better, day after day
Under Hitler
Huh Huh Ha Hitler
Jews will be shunned and Slavs will be shot
In a fixed up-cleansed up, aryan world
under Hitler
Huh Huh Ha Hitler

Well our nations forces have been greater before
and the treaty of versaille wouldn’t have them as more
But Hitler smiled and told me they would expand,
and said dear boy it’s all part of my plan

Well I’m not the fatherland’s most faithful of sons
But I know what I am and I’m a proud Ger-man
under Hitler
our future Fuhr-er
Huh Huh Ha Hitler, Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler
Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler, Huh Huh Ha Hitler


I hope I don’t regret this after the gin wears off… though I do believe Hitler is an often Googled name, so it’s probably good for increasing traffic if nothing else.

I think I should I probably should stick to making light of less serious things in future though, I’ve a horrible feeling this post may prove to be a bit more controversial than my views on fruit.

I’ll probably end up paying for this in the future, knowing my luck I’ll probably end up representing us at next years Eurovision song contest….

*By this I mean that I’ve jumped on the idea of creative homework that help people to understand the conditions in which such an evil ideology was able to spread, so that it may never be allowed to again. I do NOT mean that I’ve jumped on the idea of a more powerful post Great War Germany under Nazi rule. I feel the need to clarify this, as I’m very aware how easily misunderstandings can occur.

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