Mop Up (Swish, Slop, Swishy Swish, Squeeze, Repeat)

Today is Tuesday.

Today the Kitchen decided to over moisten itself.. in a sort of flood like manner… here are some pictures:



*drippedy drip drip*

Admittedly not all of those pictures are actually of my kitchen. They certainly convey the image of a house and water though. To get technical, much water came from the wrong end of the tap (the hidden end that normally is dry and in a cupboard) and flooded the kitchen floor.

I donned my waterproof boots, my waterproof hat, and my sunproof sunglasses, and went to the hardware store. A part was bought, fitted, and all was well.

I must admit that my waterproof hat and boots were kind of unnecessary due to it being a beautiful summer’s day, and the fact that the hardware store wasn’t in the vicinity of the flooding kitchen. It almost made my extravagant purchases seem useful for a minute there though.

Additionally, I suppose I should mention that it was Dad that actually did all the practical bits, and all I did was buy a thing from a person in a shop, but I’m pretty sure I get some credit for that.


It is not. Luckily, this is a blog. So it does not need to be worthy of note, only worthy of blog.

It is not that either to be honest. However it ties in quite well with the idea of ‘mopping up’ the past few pretty blogless months into one consolidated, manageable, convenient six monthly blog post. The Ocean Finance approach to blogging.

Not much has happened, as usual.

I still work at Millets.

I still buy far too much Berghaus clothing and camping equipment.

Though I have been testing things in an outdoor camping based scenario more.

In fact I might even review things properly on here at some point…

Here are some pictures*:

I bought a new day sack for taking to work everyday. I almost returned it as it was quite blurry. However it turned out that everything in my life is in fact blurry. As shown by this picture.

Erecting a tent is just as easy as any other pole based erection.

I'm told this happens to lots of guys.

Some might see this as a 'luxury' to take camping, but allowing yourself a few extra hours for pitching/plumbing does make the experience a great deal more civilised.

Beer, Physics, Cup a Pasta, and my favourite mug. What more could I possibly need?

As it turns out, I really could have done with a spoon. Having forgot to bring one, I had to use a trowel. A trowel which was somewhat more unwieldy and substantially sharper.

Well that’s that really.

I will try to remember who I am more often, and then perhaps I’ll remember I have a blog.

In case you are the people I’m about to mention, and you are reading this, I wish to thank you to the strangers from The Fenman who reminded me I blog the other day. Thank you. I found it most helpful.

That’s really it for now.

Merry Wednesday to you all.

*Yes, actual ‘scene of crime’ type photos this time. There is a non-crime related phrase for what I meant to say there, but I do not know what it is. Habitual readers may notice this is yet another poor excuse to add an asterisked note at the bottom of my post yet again. This I enjoy.

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