Productive isn’t really the word…

I really don’t do enough. I work of course, but that doesn’t take up even half of my time. The rest of my time isn’t spent entirely wisely. For instance, today I spent six hours browsing eBay, drew two pictures, had a curry, and changed my Facebook profile picture.

Now that my profile picture shows me to be a Guinness drinking pirate, I had better tighten my privacy settings to deal with the floods of amorous women that it will almost certainly attract.

Of course creating pictures can be worthwhile. If you imagine in your mind me painting two large and stunning oil paintings, minutely detailed and incredibly vivid and moving, then yes, that would make today very productive. Unfortunately, the reality is somewhat less impressive.

I started with the intention of representing my life as a picture. I ended up drawing a spider using a telephone. One would hope they would be two entirely different things.

If this was the cover of a video compilation of hilarious Golf rage clips and anecdotes, presented by Arnold Palmer, I would purchase it.

I haven’t spoken to Arnold quite yet, but if he’s up for the gig I’ll leave Millets and live off golf rage royalties for the rest of my life. I did go to a Pirate themed barbecue on Saturday. That was productive. I ate a cake, met lots of people, and rekindled a love affair with Apple Sourz that can only lead to scandal…

I could certainly teach those Somalians a thing or two about piracy. It's all about making the right faces. This one is my exceptionally steely revenge face.

Tim Timmington?! Ha ha ha!! That's the most ridiculous name I've ever heard!

Well, that’s it really. I’m posting only pictures of me to avoid favouritism.

An exception is made for Arnold Palmer, to help in future golf rage video royalty negotiations.

Although I suppose I really should thank Steve for hosting such a good Pirate barbecue, and Linda for taking photographs, thus providing me with materials and filler for an otherwise pointless blog.

Thank you Steve.
Thank you Linda.


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