A reliable source tells me it’s December.


Which means my aim of being happily employed and in a relationship by christmas looks to be unachievable.

I haven’t done any christmas shopping and have such a dislike of crowded shops I’ve been known to be forced into retreat before actually completing purchases.

Plus I don’t have much money because I’m Tim and addicted to buying shiny things.

I think I’ll just move christmas to January.


Last night I went to the Lattice for the quiz.
Answered no questions, and had to sit with an insane drunk scottish woman .
Who insisted we shared pitchers. And by insisted, I mean she started drinking mine and then went off to buy more.
Which I had to drink as quickly as possible to stop her from doing so, as anymore drink would have probably tipped her into a violent rage and ended with my head being forced through a window of a listed building.

(Incidentally, she’s a town councillor, and used the immortal phrase “I’m a town councillor. I can’t sleep in a fucking car!”)

Of course I didn’t actually take into account the fact that drinking three pitchers (with extra vodka. why? idk.) in two hours would make the next day quite so uncomfortable.

I’ve been in bed. Eating a Club biscuit, and watching Extras. As it was the easiest DVD to reach.

I also entirely forgot to go to an appointment in town.
I’m fairly certain I’m supposed to be doing something tomorrow, but what? I do not know.

I entirely hate myself for being THAT stupid.
Who orders a pitcher filled with 4 vodka shots and 2 shots of curacao because they’ve run out of rosé wine? Idiot face does. Which is me.

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