Forgive me father…

…it has been 2 years, 3 months and 2 days since my last confession…

I was talking to my thoroughly adequate friend Leasky, and I thought it about time I update my trusty blog.

When I last posted, I was working in Millets in King’s Lynn and not doing much else. I was a carefree spirit. Youthful, handsome, a man many aspired to but even more avoided.¬†Between then and now, my shop closed down, I got promoted to Supervisor in a shop in Peterborough, I taught myself watch repair, and I now deal in TAG Heuer watches in my spare time.

This is me then:


This is me now:

2014-01-12 00.21.54

This is Claudia Schiffer:

This is 1992 General Election runner up Neil Kinnock:


Then, to give 2014 a dramatic twist, in the last week I have resigned from my job, and I am now floundering around job websites to make sure I am still in work when I finish my notice period, in just under 3 weeks time.

So far I’ve had an interview at Sainsbury’s, and spent every free moment applying for absolutely everything within reasonable bus distance that doesn’t require me to change my gender, sexual orientation, or the ribbons in old fashioned typewriters*.

Wish me luck…

*No jobs have thus far required me to change the ribbons in old fashioned typewriters, but I like to include the fact that I can’t in my “Strengths and Weaknesses”. As long as I remember to include my Microsoft Office skills as a strength, my only weakness will be cancelled out and I will appear perfect.

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