Time Traveller

Today I was going through some old paperwork, and I found some of my school work. Mostly boring worksheets, but I found this ‘creative writing’ piece, written by a tiny Timmington aged 10. Unfortunately, unfinished, here it is:

Monday 12th April ’99’

Time Traveller

Peter Perkins was getting ready to go to a meeting when the phone rang, it was the nuclear power plant where he worked. They were having a meltdown and needed his help. Peter picked up his keys and rushed out into his honda prelude (a car) and drove away in a cloud of smoke. At the plant people were rushing about in radiation suits and there were red lights everywhere. Peter put on radiation suit and went into the reactor core, he was fiddling with some nuclear rod’s when there was a big explosion, Peter got knocked out. 15 minutes later Peter woke up in a gigantic metal city. He woke up dazed so he sat down to clear his head, suddenly some guards came the were dressed in police uniforms with the word POLICE and Guard written on in marker pen. The guards locked Peter in a ford capri wich had lost all it’s doors. The guards took him into a old school that had been converted into a sort of dungeon, Peter was taken into a room with old ripped pictures on 1 wall and model houses on another. Peter was left for about 15 minutes until a big but short man with


Original: 20140630_184603

Not quite sure how you lock someone in a car with it’s doors missing…. but there you go, obviously 10 year old Timmington didn’t think this through thoroughly enough.

If you have seen my handwriting currently, you may notice how little little it has changed in the last 14 years… not a bad thing I think.

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