What’s new in 2015?

I am almost half way through the year Two Thousand and Fifteen.

You might be ahead of me, you might be behind, you might be in the year 2007. In which case you’re either Ethiopian, or still buying your calendars from the bargain bin in The Works.

This year I decided, should be about embracing the new.

It has been my intent to seize opportunities, create adventure, and gesture wildly at confused strangers to create a sense of urgency (when actual opportunity and adventure have been lacking).

So, in late December, when work (which is now Poundland – more or less on that subject another time) asked me to go and work in another store for a few weeks I said “Yes! Of course!”. A short interlude elsewhere to refresh my work life could do the world of good.

This was four months ago. The adventure is now more of a tiresome slog.

Still, I did not refuse the opportunity, and we will see if it proves rewarding. Certainly I’ve made valuable new friendships.

Again in the spirit of new things, I booked an intensive driving course. Unfortunately, half way through the driving course I decided to try something else new, gastritis, and my first visit to a doctor in 8 years…

..so I’m not quite driving yet. Watch this space.

It’s not all slog and sickness however, there are definitely positives. I have been to Nottingham – where I enjoyed their castle and art gallery, booked tickets to see Paul Merton, this week I’m going canoeing as part of a stag weekend – and hopefully there’s much more to come.

My brother and I at Nottingham castle

My brother and I at Nottingham castle.

There’s a theme in these positives, and it’s not the new, but the pre-existing. Nottingham would have been nothing more than a reminder of 1990’s shop fittings and a feigned interest in a basically fictitious hooded criminal had it not been for the friends and family with me. Canoeing is a chance to spend time with friends I haven’t seen in far too long, and although Paul Merton has his name on the tickets, it’s still not him I’ll be most looking forward to seeing that evening.

What I’m trying to say, is I’m really enjoying embracing the new, because it complements perfectly with what I already have.


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