Too dazed and confused to think of an adequate title.

I haven’t updated this in over a week.
I think I’ve been too busy.

I say I think, because I really don’t remember monday to wednesday. Maybe I went to the pub or something?

Thursday and Friday I had college then pub.
Saturday I watched the snooker and ate After-Eight mints.
(And managed to break my PSP. Just when I was getting into playing Pirates as well. I vowed never to forgive myself. )

Then Sunday I did almost absolutely nothing.
(Except managing to repair my PSP, and forgave myself.)

Now I just can’t work out whether to go to town or not. On the one hand I have lots of presents to buy, and a pub to frequent. On the other hand, I’m lazy and probably low on money anyway.

I also need to do the christmas cards I was definitely going to do yesterday.
+ Tidy my room.
+ Do some washing.
+ Stop being in a dazed state of madness.

Oh, and I should probably note down the dream I had last night.
Not particularly unusual (at least by my standards) but noteworthy all the same.


From what I can remember I was in a stairwell of a London tube station. On a camp bed. My head was killing me, and I had family around me generally jabbering and being entirely unhelpful.

After what seemed to be hours of lying there, I heard a commotion which woke me up from my dazed state.

Hundreds of commuters were running towards me.

I thought *sigh* and tried to gather up all my essential items I had littered around my bed.

Then I recognised one of the commuters. It was Bradley.
I said “HEY BRADLEY!” and he told me he was in a rush, but that he was also a closet post man. At this point he handed me a package, and told me it was from Adam and Lauren, and that I must use the items within to prepare for their christmas party, and be ready at once with wine and cigars.
He then left, in quite a runny pointy fashion that I couldn’t describe without making him pose for an embarassing photo. Which I may later.

This was odd. Not least because Adam and Lauren don’t use friends to deliver parcels to people sleeping rough during the Monday morning rush hour.

At least I’ve never recieved one.

Now I was fully awake anyway, I thought I’d open the mysterious package.
Inside I found… a full length coat. A PVC leather effect one. Rather swanky. I of course put it on immediately.
Two fake eyebrows, made of brightly coloured green plastic.
But that’s not all of course.
There was also an upside down fake moustache (which in hindsight could have been non-upside down, had I not put it on upside down.).

Wearing my new found style, I went for a walk. Around Lynn. Which included much generic shouting at youths.
But then I got to Westgate, to browse.
During my browsing however, a man pulled out a gun on the staff.
And realising he had not noticed me behind him (probably due to my incredible green eyebrowed upside down haired goth disguise) I realised that instead of going home for a nap, I would have to tackle him.

This I did rather unsuccessfully, as the remainder of the dream consisted of me holding on to a large man muttering swear words under my breath and wondering why our grappling appeared never to end.

Weirdly that dream seemed even less coherent than normal.
I shall go now, and attempt to get dressed.
Merry Monday.

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