For those who watch ‘The Apprentice’.

I’ve started watching ‘The Apprentice’. It’s fantastic because you get to see idiots get fired. Unfortunately there’s also a high probability you’ll see an idiot get employed. There’s been two episodes so far, and two people have been fired. Don’t read on if you haven’t got around to watching it on iPlayer yet and don’t […]

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Sherlock: A triumph of TV modernisation!

That’s if  “triumph of TV modernisation” can be translated as “pitiful, wasted opportunity to bring a literary classic to a new audience”. I can’t help but think their brief was as follows: “We need a new series. Like ‘Doctor Who’ but not called ‘Doctor Who’. It needs to be stylish and gimmicky… again like ‘Doctor Who’… but […]

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Jonathan Creek – “The Judas Tree”

I just watched the Easter special “The Judas Tree”, disappointing to be honest 🙁 It’s so far fetched, and awkward! WARNING: Spoilers below! Why didn’t the sink full of bloodied water give the police concern? Seeing as the girl wouldn’t have had an opportunity to get blood on her hands, as the victim only started […]

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