Have a break, have some chocolate covered wafer biscuits in the shape of miniature women

Last night I had probably the weirdest dream I’ve had this year. It starts of relatively normal, but gets more interesting by the end. Trust me. At first I was in a car park, and there was a girl sitting in a parked Ferrari (convertible 355 in red, as a matter of fact) opposite me. […]

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*yawn* Pumpkin! And evil swede.

I am far too tired to be chirpy. Which is a shame, because I like to blog chirpily. I am however a tad chirpish, which will have to do. I have done almost nothing today and am still exhausted. Literally all that’s going through my mind is “pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, d’aw look at the […]

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