It’s Sunday today, and I feel very guilty. Not because of a dark criminal past, but this time because of my lack of blogging recently. This is my first post in just over 16 days, and it’s not even going to be a very good one. I’m too tired. I haven’t really even got anything […]

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A distasteful post featuring Steve Irwin.

Good morning. I’ve been sorting through all my old documents! EXCITING IT BE FOR ME! Mainly because I’ve got about six years of mind effluent (in the form of essays, ramblings, pictures, scribblings and other assorted forms) to sort through. So I thought I’d put some up on here as I get through it. First […]

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On the day before the eve of Christmas Eve…

Yet again, I have done nothing blog worthy. This week I managed to: – order two new suits – go to the pub – write and send one christmas card That is all. Tomorrow I have to pop into town for an early appointment at the lack of jobs centre, and then attempt to buy […]

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