It’s Sunday today, and I feel very guilty. Not because of a dark criminal past, but this time because of my lack of blogging recently. This is my first post in just over 16 days, and it’s not even going to be a very good one. I’m too tired. I haven’t really even got anything […]

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Tim refers to himself in the third person when he is tired.

Tim says Hello. I am tired. I don’t ramble on here much anymore, I’m always either tired, at work, or in the pub. Right now, I’m sitting in bed feeling almost sorry for myself. Not actually sorry for myself though, more dazed and confused. I think my mind needs a holiday. That is, a peaceful, […]

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I apologise for my lack of posting, but as my grandmother once said (via MSN of course) “If you ain’t got nuffin good to post, post nutting at’ll”. I.e., I’ve been at work for a month without any money, and I didn’t think anyone would want to read that I was sulking because I couldn’t […]

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